when there's a will..

i want to be in it

cereal killer

hey there lovely, i'm kamila.
only 14.
for a pessimist i'm pretty optimistic ;)
shows signs of obbsession.
music. alternative. paramore. the higher. the white stripes. hot hot heat. the audition. TV. disney. ANTM. sabrina. discovery channel. degrassi! instant star. movies. harry potter. titanic. hoot. pirates of the caribbean. devil wears prada. nancy drew. disturbia. books. harry potter. nancy drew. twilight. new moon. blue is for nightmares. princess diaries. hoot. the clique. animals. owls. peacocks. travel. ENGLAND. egypt. france. california. scotland.

Hey; where you goin' today, rocket girl?
tell me what life is like,
past the city limit sign.
Dream your dreams in my ear,
just get me out of here.
Fly me around this world, rocket girl.